Two New Products from Wild Stewardship

I’m pleased to announce two new products available from Wild Stewardship. For anyone who doesn’t know, I established Wild Stewardship to create and sell bird feeders, bird houses, and bat houses. In the future, I plan to add a variety of other nature related products. All of my products are handmade from high quality materials. If you are interested in purchasing any Wild Stewardship products, they can be found on Ebay, Wild Stewardship’s website, or through my Facebook shop at


Wren/Chickadee House (door closed)



The first new product I’m rolling out is a hanging Wren or Chickadee house. This birdhouse is constructed of cedar so it will stand up to the elements for many years to come. The hanging Wren/Chickadee house also features a cleanout door on the side. By simply screwing out the hook from the front of the birdhouse, the side door easily opens to allow for easy cleanout. No tools required!




Single Chamber Bat House

The next new product is my Single Chambered Bat House. Putting up a bat house in your yard can help to control mosquito populations. Also made from Cedar, this house will last for many years. The large landing pad at the bottom and rough surface all the way up the inside, allow the bats easy access to climb in and have a safe place live where they are not a nuisance. The open bottom also ensures that there is no buildup of waste in the house.



Spring is right around the corner, so now is the perfect time to get your bird houses ready for the nesting season of many species. This is also the ideal time to provide homes for the returning bats so they are not temped to live in your attic, behind your siding, or other places that are an inconvenience. Bats are nice to have around the yard to help reduce mosquito populations, as well as the viruses that mosquitos can spread. Go to and see all the bird houses and feeders we have available.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Wild Stewardship

picture-for-merry-christmas-blog1It’s two days after Christmas, did you get everything you asked for this year? It’s time to get outside and test out all those new gadgets and gear that got unwrapped in the last few days. Maybe you got a new bird feeder to put out in the yard, or some new hiking socks, a GPS, or trekking poles to test out. No matter what your favorite outdoor gift was this year, make sure you put it to good use and get outside.

Now is also the time to think about New Year’s Resolutions for 2017. To be successful at keeping your resolution, make sure your goal is realistic. It may also help to write it down and put it somewhere visible so it is not forgotten about. Try setting your resolution as a task or reminder in your phone, we all know those go with us everywhere these days. Don’t forget, it is ok to have multiple smaller goals, not just one big one to work toward. In fact, having a list of resolutions can be a benefit because you are more likely to find some success, and crossing goals off your list can motivate you to complete even more. If you don’t get to all of them that is ok too, you can roll the rest of the list over to next year.

Need some help coming up with an outdoor resolution? Here is a short list of ideas to get your wheels turning:

  1. Try hiking a new trail each month. There are many smartphone apps out there to download that will show you the trails near you.
  2. Check out a state or county park that you haven’t visited yet.
  3. Take your running to another level and try trail running. We all know running is great exercise, but getting out in nature will help to boost your state of mind as well.
  4. Teach someone to hunt, fish, or trap. Passing on your knowledge helps to ensure a bright future for these outdoor sports.
  5. Put up a bird house or feeder in your yard. This is not just a good way to give back and help the birds in your area, but also allows for bird watching opportunities. Remember to check out when shopping for your bird house.
  6. Learn to process your own venison or other game meat this next hunting season. It is a wonderful feeling and connection to nature to know exactly where your food comes from, and what goes into it.
  7. Give kayaking a try. Lakes and rivers are everywhere, get out there and start paddling.
  8. Join a conservation group. There are lots of them ranging from local sportsman’s clubs to state and nation wide organizations.
  9. Plan a backcountry backpacking trip, either near you or out of state.
  10. Plan an out of state hunt. Maybe you are a Midwesterner who has always dreamed of going on a Moose, Elk, or Caribou hunt. Take a step this year toward making it a reality.

Merry Christmas to all, get outside and make your new year an exceptional one!

It’s out there!

That’s right it’s out there, I’ve seen it.  I’m not talking about Bigfoot or even the snow that is currently falling outside my window.  I’m talking about my new website  It is now released.  On the site, you will see my current selection of blue bird, wood duck, and wren or chickadee houses.  These are all made of long lasting cedar to stand up to the elements for years to come.  In addition to the bird houses that I show on the site I welcome custom projects as well so don’t be afraid to contact me with the bird house or bird feeder that you have been dreaming of.

Why bird houses you ask?  Well bird houses are a great way to help conserve and give back to nature.  Adding bird houses to your back yard is also an excellent way to attract birds toimg_2946 watch and enjoy from home.  Putting up bird houses is a great opportunity to get kids involved in nature.  Having children help to pick the place and install bird houses in your yard helps not only to begin to teach conservation but gets them outside and into nature.  By providing nesting spaces for these species of birds we help to ensure that they will be around for a long time.  In the case of the wood duck nest boxes like my Simple Wood duck House shown here, these have helped wood ducks come back from dwindling population levels.  Long ago the wood duck was the most common duck in north America but over time the population began to drop and the installation of nest boxes like this by conservation groups and sportsmen across the wood duck’s range have helped bring them back.

So, what does this mean?  Well it means I’m ready to start building your bird houses so if you or someone you know is looking to add some bird houses to their back yard have them stop over at and fill out the order form.  In the future, you will see a variety of additional bird house designs and hand made bird feeders available as well, so make sure to check back often.  Most importantly make sure you take the time to get outside to enjoy the wild-lands and wildlife in your area, better yet take a child along and introduce them to the outdoors.