It’s out there!

That’s right it’s out there, I’ve seen it.  I’m not talking about Bigfoot or even the snow that is currently falling outside my window.  I’m talking about my new website  It is now released.  On the site, you will see my current selection of blue bird, wood duck, and wren or chickadee houses.  These are all made of long lasting cedar to stand up to the elements for years to come.  In addition to the bird houses that I show on the site I welcome custom projects as well so don’t be afraid to contact me with the bird house or bird feeder that you have been dreaming of.

Why bird houses you ask?  Well bird houses are a great way to help conserve and give back to nature.  Adding bird houses to your back yard is also an excellent way to attract birds toimg_2946 watch and enjoy from home.  Putting up bird houses is a great opportunity to get kids involved in nature.  Having children help to pick the place and install bird houses in your yard helps not only to begin to teach conservation but gets them outside and into nature.  By providing nesting spaces for these species of birds we help to ensure that they will be around for a long time.  In the case of the wood duck nest boxes like my Simple Wood duck House shown here, these have helped wood ducks come back from dwindling population levels.  Long ago the wood duck was the most common duck in north America but over time the population began to drop and the installation of nest boxes like this by conservation groups and sportsmen across the wood duck’s range have helped bring them back.

So, what does this mean?  Well it means I’m ready to start building your bird houses so if you or someone you know is looking to add some bird houses to their back yard have them stop over at and fill out the order form.  In the future, you will see a variety of additional bird house designs and hand made bird feeders available as well, so make sure to check back often.  Most importantly make sure you take the time to get outside to enjoy the wild-lands and wildlife in your area, better yet take a child along and introduce them to the outdoors.

The beginning of something new

Welcome to The Wild Stewardship Blog.  This blog and my new business Wild Stewardship is a new adventure for me.  Using this blog I hope to enlighten readers by sharing the stories of my outdoor adventures as well as to educate and spread awareness of conservation related issues.

The definition of stewardship is the management or care of something.  In particular, I always think of the management of our natural resources.  This is something very important to think about whether it is management of a population of wildlife through hunting and trapping or the harvest of timber for lumber to build homes or maple sap to make syrup.  It is important to know the limits of the land to keep the ecosystem healthy and ensure these renewable resources are available for future generations to enjoy and use.  My love for wildlife and all of the outdoor activities is what led me to creating Wild Stewardship.  I am currently producing simple bluebird, wood duck, and bat houses that are not cost prohibitive yet are hand-made high quality products that will last for years to come.

Coming soon will be the launch of my website  where you will find more information on the products I make and sell.  Check back soon for my latest outdoor adventure or new product release.  Make sure to get outside and enjoy!